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Over Soft N'ice

In 1983 kocht Gerrit-Jan Klein Horsman zijn eerst softijsmachine.
Met een karretje zodat hij buiten zijn supermarkt softijsjes kon verkopen.
25 jaar later werd softijshuren.nl opgericht.
Binnen 5 jaar zijn wij tot een nationaal bedrijf gegroeid met ambities.
Om heel nederland te voorzien van een softijsmachines.
Hiervoor zijn wij dealer geworden van Smach.
Met dit merk met meer dan 10 jaar ervaring in ijsmachines onder onze hoede.
Kunnen wij ieder bedrijf een passende softijsmachine leveren.


Over Smach

Smach has a production capacity of 2000 machines annualy with app. 50 people in 2000 square meters.

Logistic Advantages:

  • It has a distance of 35 km to the biggest port of Turkey.Less than 1 week of transit time to Europe, Middle East and some African countries.
  • Free Circulation of Turkish Origin Goods in Europe due to custom unification agreement.
  • Cultural Integrity to Adjacent Markets.

Our Production Strengths:

  • Lean Organization
  • ERP Software
  • Unique Product Features
  • Flexible Manufacturing
  • Reliable Premium Suppliers
  • Wide Product Range
  • Strict Quality Tests
  • Just In Time Delivery

Missie en Visie


As we are SMACH Machinery, our vision is a preferred company in the market by keeping satisfaction of customers and employees at the highest level with new enterprises in the production and presentation to customer of soft, hard ice cream and milkshake machine which produced healthy and tasty products. OUR VALUES While we proceed to make real our mission, our values which we aim to protect and develop are;
  • Quality:
    It is indicated by Quality Policy.
  • Customer Satisfaction:
    We are working for our customers on the purpose of to satisfy the needs and create a value for them since the design of the product, manufacture, put on the market, after sales services and in every stage of all operations inside our company.
  • People Oriented:
    We attach great importance to our human resources and see our employees as the biggest factor in ensuring our vision’s continuity, protecting our values and transfering to next generations, sharing a mutual corporate culture with reason for being of our company.
  • Team Spirit:
    We share a corporate management mentality which is care the teamwork, participative, attached to the system.
  • Cooperation:
    We care to continue long term relationship with our customers in the joint venture mentality.
  • Globalization:
    We believe the important of settle quickly to devoloping technology constantly and commercial demands in the world.
  • Environmental Consciousness:
    We share the important of creating value for environment constantly with a widely-estimated mentality in all processes which been created our activities.
  • Ethical Values:
    We target to be a model company with our valid work principles.


Smach has started his jouney in 2006 and enterred the sector by selling just ice cream in different locations. Smach had a dream of to be known all around the world by producing ice cream machines. Smach has committed to self enrichment that improving the product range by developing technology and people. Smach is proud of being the part of the industry by adopting the principle of quality on the basis of the production. He shares all the knowledge and the experince in each model he produced with labor. Our goal is to be one of the leading companies in the industry and represent our country in the world successfully.


  • 2006 – Yagiz Ciftcioglu and Aytul Kaya came together and laid the foundation of the company. They were targetting to spread all around the world.
  • 2007 – R&D department founded and production started in Izmir factory.
  • 2008 – Smach bacame the most selling ice cream machine in Turkey.
  • 2009 – Turkish sales became stronger and the exporting started.
  • 2010 – 1000 th machine has been produced and moved to bigger Manisa factory. We named our models as Efe.
  • 2011 – Increased the market share to % 65 in Turkey and the exporting markets became 30 countries.
  • 2012 – We became known more worldwide, started to manufacture hard ice cream machines Sude. The countries we are exporting became 57.
  • 2014 – The first vending machine, Nil series was produced. And the exporting markets became more than 70 countries.

Softijsmachines met kwaliteit